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Dolby    Karen; Gerrell, Karen McCombie    Karin Salmson    Karin Slaughter    Karl Pilkington    Karma Wilson    Karms Wilson    Kaspar    Katarina Bivald    Kate Atkinson    Kate Brian    Kate Cann    Kate Cary    KATE CASTLE    Kate Clynes & Louise Daykin    Kate Clynes,Louise Daykin (Illustrator)    Kate Finnemore    Kate Furnivall    Kate Graham    Kate Hamilton    Kate Harrison    Kate Howard    Kate Humble    Kate Kerrigan    Kate Knighton,Leonie Pratt    Kate Le Vann    Kate le Vann,James Norcliffe    Kate Leake    Kate Lee    Kate London    Kate Long    Kate Lum    Kate Maryon    Kate McMullan    Kate Morton    Kate Mosse    Kate Needham,Ian Jackson    Kate Pankhurst    Kate Petty    Kate Petty Andrew Bale    Kate Rowan    Kate Ruttle    Kate Ryan    Kate Saunders    Kate Summers    KATE SUMMERSCALE    Kate Thompson    Kate Thomson    Kate Toms    Kate Tym    Kate Veale    Kate Williams    Kate, and Adamson, Andrew (Directo Egan    Katerina Diamond    Kath cox    KATH JORDAN    Kath Mellentin and Tim Wook    Katharine Holabird    Katharine Ibbs    Katharine Mcewen    KATHARINE MCMAHON    Katharine Ross,Carolyn Croll    Katharine Watson    Katherine Applegate    Katherine Emmons    Katherine Holabird    Katherine Langrish    Katherine Lodge    Katherine Roberts    Katherine Starke,Fiona Watt (Editor),Christyan Fox (Illustrator),Jane Burton (Photographer)    Katherine Sully    Kathleen Hale    Kathleen MacMahon    Kathleen Tessaro    Kathleen W Zoeheld    Kathryn Cave    Kathryn Harrison    Kathryn Lamab    Kathryn Lamb    Kathryn Littlewood    Kathryn Senior    Kathryn Smith    Kathryn Stockett    Kathryn White    Kathryn White,Alison Edgson (Illustrator)    Kathy Ashford,Paul Parks (Illustrator)    Kathy Creamer    Kathy Henderson    Kathy Henderson,Brita Granström (Illustrator)    Kathy Lee    Kathy Lette    Kathy Reiches    Kathy Reichs    Kathy Singleton    Katia Lief    Katie Blackburn    Katie Carr    Katie Chadd    Katie Chase    Katie Davies    Katie Davies Andrew Cope    Katie Daynes    Katie Fforde    Katie Flynn    Katie Price    Katie Saunders    Katie Vandyck (Text by)    Katie Wales    Katrina Charman    Katrina Hanford    Katrina Hanford,Hans Christian Andersen,Disney Enterprises (1996- ) Staff (Contribution by)    Kaui Hart Hemmings    Kay Barnes    Kay Barnham    Kay Brellend    Kay Thompson's    Kaye Umansky    Kaye Umansky,Chris Fisher    Kaye Umansky,Doffy Weir (Illustrator)    Kaye Umansky,Margaret Chamberlain    Kaye, Ardagh, Philip Umansky    Kaz Campbell,Katrina Kahler (General Editor)    Kazuko Masui,Tomoko Yamada    Keith Brumpton    Keith Chapman    Keith Faulkner    Keith Gaines    Keith Gordon,Brian Speed,Kevin Evans    Keith Gray    Keith Lemon    Keith Melton    Keith Pledger    Keith Tondeur    Kel Richards,Claire Richards    Kelly Hunter    Kelly McClymer    Kelly McKain    Kelly McKain,Nicola Slater    Kelly Willoughby    Kelly Willoughby,Holly Willoughby    kelly-mcclymer    Ken Akamatsu    Ken Follett    Ken Kesey    Ken McKie    Ken McKie (Illustrator)    Ken Wilson-Max,Sue Hendra    Kennedy & Lynn Taylor    Kenneth    Kenneth Grahame    Kenneth Grahame,Jane Carruth    Kenneth Grahame,Kim Lane    Kenneth Keay    Kenneth Lilly    Kenneth N. 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Martin    Lesley Clark    Lesley Lokko    Lesley Pearse    Lesley Rees    Lesley Rees,Terry Burton    Lesley Rees,Terry Burton (Illustrator)    Lesley Regan    Lesley Sims    Lesley Sims,Helen Edom,Nicola Katrak,Susan Meredith    Lesley Sloss    Lesley Smith    Lesley Wright    LESLEY YOUNG    Leslie    Leslie Francis    Leslie Schnur    LESLIE THOMAS    Let's learn to read    Letter Land    Letterland    Letterland story books    Letts    Letts fun learning    Letts KS3 Staff    LEWIS C.S.    Lewis Carroll    Lewis Grassic Gibbon    Lewis S    Leyland Perree    Liane Moriarty    Libby Gleeson    Libby Purves    Life Cycles    Lil Bratz    Lilian Harry    Liliana Cinetto    Lily Magnus,Sarah Lawrence (Illustrator)    Lily Small    Lin Day    Lina Ng    Lincoln Peirce    Linda Allen    LINDA ARONSON    Linda Bygrave    Linda Chapman    Linda Field    Linda Finlay    Linda Gamlin    LINDA GAMLIN JONATHAN BROSTOFF    Linda Green    Linda Jane Cornwell    Linda Jennings    Linda Jennings Gwyneth Williamson    Linda Kempton    Linda Martin    Linda Newbery    Linda Sarah    Linda Steliou    Linda Strachan    Linda. Jennings    Lindsay Camp    Lindsay Macrae    Lindsey Gardiner    Lindsey Kelk    Lindsey Leavitt    Lindsey Lowe    Link Up    Linwood Barclay    Lion    LIONEL SHRIVER    Lisa Ann Marsoli,Pope Twins (Illustrator)    Lisa Bruce    Lisa Cutts    Lisa Dennis    Lisa Genova    Lisa Hark Phd Rd & Dr Darwin Deen    Lisa J. Edwards    Lisa Jackson    Lisa Jewell    Lisa Kopper    Lisa Lopper    Lisa McInerney    Lisa Rae,Peter Pickersgill (Illustrator)    Lisa Regan    Lisa Shea (Adapted by),Brian Hohlfeld    Lisa Stubbs    Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar    Lisa Swerling,Ralph Lazar    Lisa Westberg Peters,Sam Williams (Illustrator)    LISA. TAYLOR    Lisi Harrison    Liss Norton,Rebecca Harry (Illustrator)    Lissa Evans    Literature Classics    Little Kingdom    Little learners    Little Owl    Little Owl Books    Little Reindeer    Little Simon    Little tiger press    Little Treasures    Little Wishes    Little Wolf's    Livi Michael    LIZ CATCHPOLE    Liz Elwes    Liz Fraser    Liz Gogerly    Liz Kessler    Liz Miles    Liz Pichon    Liz Thombury    Liz Trenow    LIZ TUCCILLO' 'GREG BEHRENDT    Liza Baker (Adapted by),Disney Enterprises (1996- ) Staff (Contribution by)    Liza Marklund    Lizzie Kingsley    Lizzie Lane    Lizzie Mcguire    Lizzy Stewart    Lloyd Jones    Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association (North Eastern Region) Staff (Contribution by)    Locke Ian    Lois Lowry    Lois Rock    Lois Rock,Louise Rawlings    Lola Jaye    Lomond    Longman    Look and find    Loraine Harrison    Lorena Siminovich    Lorenz Books Staff    Lorenz Books Staff,Hazel Harrison    Lorette Broekstra (Illustrator)    Lorettle Broekstra    Lorna and Graham Philpot    Lorna Read    Lorraine Horsley,Shirley Jackson    Lorrie Mack    Lorrie Moore    Lotta Geffenblad    Lottie Stride    Lou Kuenzler    Louie Stowell    louie-stowell    Louies Rennison    Louis Catt,Fiona Cummings    Louis De Berni'res    LOUIS DE BERNIERES    Louis Fidge    Louis Fidge,Sue Cony,Parent and Child Programme Staff (Contribution by)    Louis M. 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Foreman    Mark Walden    Mark Waledn    Mark Walling    Marks & Spencer    Marks & Spenscer    Marks and Spencer    Marks Spencer    Marks& Spencer    MARKUS ZUSAK    Marla Frazee    Marlane Kennedy    MARNI MCGEE    Marni McGee,Gavin Scott    Martha Batalha,Eric M. B. Becker (Translator)    Martha Lightfoot    Martha Mumford    Martin baynton    Martin Brown Terry Deary    Martin Chatterton (Illustrator)    MARTIN COLE    Martin Coles,Christine Hall    Martin Day    Martin Dugard    Martin Hall    Martin Hall,Catherine Walters (Illustrator)    Martin Handford    Martin Holborn,Peter Langley    Martin Howard    Martin Howden    Martin Jenkins    Martin Oliver    Martin Waddell    Martin Waddell -    Martin Waddell and Terry Milne    Martin Waddell,Barbara Firth    Martin Waddell,V. 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Cerullo    Mary Mackill    Mary Man-Kong,Cliff Ruby,Elana Lesser,Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky,Joel Spector,Lisa Falkenstern    mary murphy    Mary Norton    MARY POPE OSBORNE    Mary Pope Osborne,Sal Murdocca (Illustrator)    Mary Quant,Maureen Barrymore,Dave King    Mary Risk    Mary Risk,County Studio Staff (Contribution by)    Mary Schoeser    Mary Sebag-Montefiore    Mary Sheepshanks    Mary Van Hage    Mary Wesley    Mary Whitehouse    Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen    Mary-Kate Olsen    Mary-Kate Olsen,Ashley Olsen    Mary-Kate Olsen~Ashley Olsen    Mary; Ruby, Cliff; Lesser, Ela Man-Kong    Marylebone Books    Marylin Hafner    MaryPaulson - Ellis    Master Merlin    masters-anthony    Mat Head    MATCH    Mathew Ferguson,Disney Enterprises (1996- ) Staff (Contribution by),Pixar (Firm) Staff (Contribution by)    Mathew Price    Mathilde Bonetti    Matt & Tom Oldfield    Matt and Dave    Matt Buckingham    Matt Crossick    Matt Forbeck    Matt Groening    Matt Haig    Matt Kain    Matt Ward    Matt Whyman    Matt,Nigel Baines (Illustrator),Dave    Mattel    Matthew Grimsdale    Matthew K. 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Morgan    Melissa Scott    MelissaJ Morgan,Melissa J. Morgan Melissa J Morgan    Melvin    Melvyn Bragg    Mem Fox    Mem Fox,Jane Dyer    Mem Fox,Julie Vivas    Mem; Dyer, Jane (illustrations) Fox    Mendelson C    Meomi    Mercedes Lackey    Meredith Hooper    Meryl Doney    Meryl Doney,Malcolm Doney    Meyer Stephenie    Mhairi McFarlane    Mia March    Michael Bond,R. W. Alley (Illustrator)    Michael (Signed By Illustrator Michael Foreman) Morpurgo    Michael ; illustrated by Michael Foreman Morpurgo    Michael Allaby    Michael Benton    MICHAEL BISHOP' 'KENNETH GRAHAME    Michael Bond    Michael Bond,Peggy Fortnum (Illustrator)    Michael Bond,R.W. Alley    Michael Broad    Michael Buckley    Michael Catchpool    Michael Catchpool,Vanessa Cabban    Michael Chinery,John Butler (Illustrator),Brian McIntyre (Illustrator)    MICHAEL COLEMAN    Michael Coleman,Harry Venning    Michael Coleman,Mike Phillips    Michael Coleman,Mike Phillips (Illustrator)    Michael Coleman,Philip Reeve    MICHAEL CONNELLY    Michael Cox    Michael Cox,Gary Dunn (Illustrator)    MICHAEL CRAWFORD    Michael Crichton    Michael D.P. Boyle    Michael Dahl,Bradford Kendall (Illustrator)    Michael Dinercurio    Michael Dobbs    Michael Ford    Michael Foreman    Michael Foreman (Illustrator)    Michael Frith    Michael Gerard Bauer    Michael Gerber    Michael Grant    Michael Hardcastle    Michael Hardcastle,Bob Moulder    MICHAEL HEATLEY    Michael Hoeye    Michael J. Pellowski    Michael Lawrence    Michael Molloy    Michael Morpugo    Michael Morpurgo    Michael Morpurgo and Christian Birmingham    Michael Morpurgo M.B.E.    Michael Morpurgo,Christian Birmingham    Michael Morpurgo,Gerry Turley (Illustrator)    Michael Morpurgo~Linda Birch    Michael Munro    Michael Powell    Michael Purton    Michael R. Linaker    Michael Rack    Michael Ratnett    Michael Rosen    Michael Rosen & Jonathan Langley    Michael Rosen,Bob Graham    Michael Rosen,John Clementson (Illustrator)    Michael Rosen,Jonathan Langley    Michael Rosen,Mik Brown (Illustrator)    Michael Rosen,Tony Ross (Illustrator)    Michael Rost    Michael Salmon    Michael Stotter    Michael Tambini,Andree Grau    Michael Teitelbaum    Michael Terry    Michael Tickner Michael Coleman    Michael Tickner Michael Cox    Michael van Straten,Barbara Griggs,Michael Van Straten    Michael Walters    Michael Wright    Michael;Langley, Jonathan Rosen    Michaela Miller    Michaela Morgan    Michaela Morgan,Graham Ralph (Text by),Sue Tong (Illustrator)    Michaela Morgan,Wendy Body,Llewelyn Thomas (Illustrator),Sue Palmer    Micheal Foreman Micheal Rosen    Michele Byam    Michele Coxon    Michele Giuttari    Michelle Bates    Michelle Breen    Michelle Cartlidge    Michelle Harrison    Michelle Magorian    Michelle Medlock Adams    Michelle Misra Linda Chapman    MICHELLE PAVER    Michelle Powell    Michelle Robinson    Michi Fujimoto    Michka Assayas    Mick Gowar    Mick Gower    Mick Inkpen    Mick Inkpen (Illustrator)    Mick Manning    Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom    Mick Manning,B. Granstrom    Mick Manning,Brita Granström    Mick Manning,Brita Granstrm    Mick Manning~Brita Granstrom    Mick O' Hare    MICK O'HARE    Mick Sharratt    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse    Mickey Wonders Why    Micky Wonders Why    Mij Kelly    Mij Kelly,Alison Jay    Mik Brown    Mik Brown's    Mik Martin    Mike Askew,Jeannie Billington,Ian Newsham (Illustrator)    Mike Bossart,Ellen Bowness    Mike Brownlow    Mike Bullen    Mike Byrne    Mike Cardwell,Cara Flanagan    Mike Cardwell,Liz Clark,Claire Meldrum    Mike Corbishley    Mike Gibbie    Mike Gifford Clive; Goldsmith    Mike Gordon    Mike Hirst    Mike Hirst,Peter Utton    Mike Jolley,Deborah Allwright (Illustrator)    Mike Kent,Gerard Kelly (Foreword by)    Mike O'Donnell    Mike Parker    Mike Phillips    Mike Poulton    Mike Ratnett and June Goulding    Mike Revell (author) Mike Revell (author)    Mike Thaler    Mike The Knight    Mike Tucker    Mike Unwin    Mike unwin and Sarah whittley    Mike Wilson    Mike Zarb    Mike Zollo,Jean Edwards,Ana Kolkowska,Libby Mitchell    Miko Imai    Milbourne Anna    Mildred D. Taylor    Miles Kelly    Miles Kelly Little Press    Miles Kelly Publishing    Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd.    Miley Kelly Publishing    Millennium    Milly Adams    Milly Johnson    Milly Johnson (author)    Mimi Thebo    Mimi Vang Olsen    Mind candy    Minette Walters    Mini Grey    Minions    Mirabel Cecil,Christina Gascoigne (Illustrator)    Miranda    Miranda Innes    Miranda MacQuitty    Mircea Vasiliu    Miriam Edwards    Miriam Elia    Miriam Moss    Miriam Simon    Miriam Stoppard    Miriam Stoppard (Editor)    Miriam Toews    Misc    Miss Read    Mitchell Kriegman,Kathryn Mitter (Illustrator)    Mitchell symon    Mitchell Symons    Mizrahi    MKP    MMORPURGO    Mo Hayder    Mo Willems    Moira Butterfield    MOIRA BUTTERFIELD, NICK ELLSWORTH, MARCEL FEIGEL, JAN PAYNE, TON 'NICOLA BAXTER    Moira Butterfield,Paul Johnson (Illustrator)    Moira C. Harris,Lis Clegg    Moira Munro    Moira Young    Mollie Hunter's    Molly Brett    Molly Lodge    mongredien-sue    Monica Ali    Monica Hughes    Monika Filipina Trzpil    Monique Roffey    Montanari. Richard.    Moores Eldridge    Mordicai Gerstein    Morpurgo M    Morris Gleitzman    Moshi Monnsters    Moshi monsters    Mr Henry Fisher    Mr Trevor Baxendale    Mr. John Hedgecoe    Mr.Men Little miss    Ms. Penny Dale    Mulberry Editions    Muriel Pepin    Murphy    Murphy Glenn    Mustard    Mwenye Hadithi    Mwenye Hadithi,Adrienne Kennaway    My Animal Farm    My First Encyclopedia    My First Steps to Math    My First Steps to Maths    My First Steps to READING    My First Steps to READING: Scholastic    My Little Pony    My Little Pony Staff    My Very First Winnie the Pooh    My Zoo Animals    Myrtle S. Langley    N B Grace    N. B. Grace    N.A.    N.B GRACE    N.b. Grace    n/a    NA    Na'íma bint Robert,Nilesh Mistry (Illustrator)    Nadia Aguiar    Nadia Finer,Emily Cleaver,Emily J. 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